Lux Fetish Open Mouth Stretch Hood Black O/S


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Male Q Adult Store Featured Bondage, Fetish & Kink – LUX FETISH OPEN MOUTH STRETCH HOOD released on 11/28/2017, by Electric / Hustler Lingerie.


Open Mouth Stretch Hood Black O/S from Lux Fetish. Where you cannot see, you feel. Where you cannot know, you’ll hear and feel. This is the purpose of the Open Mouth Stretch Hood it perfectly conceals most of your face while keeping the mouth free and accessible for other activities. Perfect for role play, fetish play and of course for BDSM. The concept and design of this Open Mouth Stretch Hood is very simple. It will block your sense of sight and will thus enhance all your other senses. The design offers an open mouth so that you can use it to kiss, lick and other kinds of oral loving. The design is stretchy and comfortable, making it perfect for long term wear. It is perfect for fetish players of all experience levels. Easy to wear and can be worn by you or your partner. Easy to clean and dry. The Open Mouth Stretch Hood will definitely change the way you receive pleasure. Specifications: Made from high quality material. Easy to use and comfortable for long term wear. Perfect for fetish and role play games. Hand washable and easy to store. Secured but ultra soft material absolutely no peeking. One size fits all. Always play safe.


Height: 1.55  Length: 3.1 Diameter: 7.15  Weight: 0.115


Color: Black  Material: Barcode: 4.89081E+12
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