Kimono Microthin Ultra Thin Latex Condoms 12 Pack

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Male Q Adult Store Featured Condoms – KIMONO MICROTHIN ULTRATHIN 12PK released on 3/16/2007, by Paradise Products.


Kimono Condoms – America’s Original Thin Condoms. 5X tested stronger, reliable. Exceeds US and International Standards For Strength and Reliability! Kimono Thin condoms are recognized worldwide for the best in elegance, feeling, and strength.Kimono MicroThin Condoms featuring a straight-sided shape that makes donning easier, Kimono MicroThin Ultra Thin provides the most natural experience; couples say it feels like wearing nothing at all. Kimono condoms offer a superior barely there feel that is 20% thinner than a leading competitor’s thin condom! Kimono MicroThin feels like wearing nothing at all, and promotes more intense sensations during lovemaking, while still ensuring protection against STDs and unwanted pregnancy. Pre-lubricated, these ultra thin latex condoms are giving a sexy twist to staying safe between the sheets! Type: Latex Condoms Material: Latex Pack: 12 Condoms Special Features: Lubricated, Ultra Thin. Average Penis Size: Penis Length: Many studies report the average erect penis length is about 6 inches. Anywhere from 5 inches to 7 inches is a common erect penis length. Penis Girth: Many studies report the average girth of an erect penis is about 4.5 inches. Anywhere from 4 inches to 5 inches is a common girth for an erect penis. Condom Size & Penis Size. Important: to prevent slipping, the condom girth should always be smaller than the penis girth, circumference. Small condoms recommended for a penis under 5 inches in length, or under 4 inches in girth, condom girth less than 3.9 inches. Standard condoms recommended for a penis between 5-7 inches in length, or 4-5 inches in girth, condom girth 4.0 – 4.39 inches. Large condoms recommended for a penis over 7 inches in length, or over 5 inches girth, condom girth 4.40+ inches. Safe sex practice, birth control, disease prevention, pregnancy prevent. Sexual wellness. Always practice safe sex. New product images. -old


Height: 1.5  Length: 3 Diameter:Weight: 0.085


Color: Clear  Material: Latex Barcode: 16169050121
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