Hot Octopuss Plex With Flex – Black

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Hot Octopuss Plex With Flex – Black by Hot octopuss in MQ featured Male Sex Toys and Anal Sex Toys.

Hot Octopuss Plex With Flex – Black

Double motors for double the pleasure, putting you in control of endless combinations of intense Treble and rumbly Bass vibrations. The Plex with Flex, as the name suggests, features a flexible base that bends up to 90 degrees in any direction.Thanks to its unique flexible base, PleX with flex is ergonomically designed to move with your body, providing superior comfort for all and enabling targeted prostate stimulation for those lucky enough to have one.If this wasn't enough, PleX also includes a versatile remote enabling you to seamlessly switch between settings without ever needing to touch the toy. Sit back and let the PleX with flex deliver an orgasmic hands-free experience.Unlike conventional rigid butt plugs, PleX with flex features a flexible bass that bends up to 90 degrees. This means PleX moves with your body no matter what you get up to, making it super comfortable to wear.With 5 eye crossing vibration patterns and the ability to adjust the Treble and Bass via the base controls or the toy remote control you can find your perfect frequency.Whomever controls the remote, controls the toy so whether you control remote or someone close to you does – the wearer is surely in for a good time.100% waterproof so feel free to play in the bath or shower or hot tub if you have one.PleX with flex is great fun. It is also fully rechargeable making it a more eco-friendly sex toy, although we strongly recommend that it is not worn whilst on charge.

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Released on 2021/11/5


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