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Fuzuoku 6000 Touch Activated Fingertip Massager


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Male Q Adult Store Featured Vibrators – FUKUOKU 6000 VIBRATING FINGER MASSAGER released on 12/7/2011, by Doctor Love.


As seen on TV! Patented Fukuoku 6000 Vibrating Fingertip Massager Touch Activated Fingertip Massager. The Fuzuoku 6000 is a powerful touch activated fingertip massager. It is extremely silent, yet will send out 6,000 therapeutic vibrations per minute that relieve soreness and tension. Made of 100% surgical grade silicone. Penetrating waves help soothe away tension headaches, eye fatigue, muscle aches, sore feet and legs, sinus pressure, neck and back. You can also add Fuzuoku to back massages. Batteries are included. Made using phthalate free and latex free materials. Features: 6000 vibrations per minute, 100% Pure Silicone, Powerful and extremely quiet. Fits all finger sizes. Batteries included. The Fukuoku 6000 Vibrating Fingertip Massager from DeeVa Toys. DeeVa is a registered trademark owned or used under license by DeeVa, Granby, Quebec Canada.


Height: 5.5  Length: 4.25 Diameter:Weight: 0.07


Color: Clear, Purple  Material: Silicone, ABS Barcode: 8.31868E+11
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Weight 0.1 g


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