Fifty Shades Of Grey You Are Mine Metal Handcuffs

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Male Q Adult Store Featured Bondage, Fetish & Kink – FIFTY SHADES METAL HANDCUFFS released on 4/24/2014, by Love Honey.


Fifty Shades of Grey Official Collection You. Are. Mine. Metal Handcuffs. Shiny silver steel offers a firm grip on your wrists as you sink into sublime submission, keeping you bound and compliant with your lover’s desires. Enjoy the full Fifty Shades of Grey effect when you lose yourself in these silver handcuffs. Perfectly balancing an authentic bedroom bondage experience with the reassurance of imminent escape if required, You. Are. Mine. is a strong pair of lockable handcuffs with a safety mechanism for piece of mind. Easily adjusting to fit most wrists, each cuff secures firmly but can be released instantly by using the lever to the side of the lock. 2 functional keys allow you to relinquish the grip without needing to use the safety lever, so your partner never needs to know these are safety handcuffs unless you wish to tell them. Each wrist cuff is engraved with the Fifty Shades of Grey logo and You. Are. Mine, offering a unique and elegant twist in homage to your Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele fantasies. A permanently-connected chain separates the cuffs 3 inches apart, providing enough room to wriggle while remaining firmly restrained. Thread the cuffs around your bedstead before fastening or combine them with tethers and ropes to further expand your exploration of restraint. Supplied with a Fifty Shades of Grey storage bag, these handcuffs are the ideal erotic gift for you. Length: 10.5 inches. Fastening: Lock and key. Material: Metal. 16


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Color: Silver  Material: Metal Barcode: 5.06011E+12
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