Classix Auto Vac Power Pump – Blue

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Classix Auto Vac Power Pump – Blue by Pipedream products in MQ featured Male Sex Toys and Penis Enhancers.

Classix Auto Vac Power Pump – Blue

Get ready for thick, throbbing erections with an easy press of a button! This Classix® Auto-Vac Power Pump boasts a hands-free automated motor that powerfully enlarges girth and expands length. The ultra-stretchy Elite Silicone donut creates a comfortable air-tight seal as it snugly encircles your shaft. With the simple press of a button, the vacuum suction teases your penis to a long-lasting, rock-hard erection. The clear vacuum cylinder allows you to see your growth! The thick, heavy grade acrylic tube is marked with metric graduations to measure your results. Once you've reached your desired size, simply press the quick-release button under the power button to instantly relieve pressure. Or, press and release the quick-release button intermittently to enjoy milking sensations that feel just like oral sex! Cleaning Instructions: Unscrew the pump cylinder from the pump motor, then clean the tube with Refresh Toy Cleaner and warm water. Do not submerge pump motor.

Weight: 0.83 pounds. Length: Inches
Released on 2019/10/3

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Weight 0.83 lbs


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