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Bedroom Commands


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Male Q Adult Store Featured Party Games, Gifts & Supplies – BEDROOM COMMANDS released on 12/2/2010, by Kheper Games.


Take control of your love life! Bedroom Commands is a double deck card game of commands. One deck is for the Dirty Daddy and the other is for the Sexy Bitch. Whenever either of you feels like taking charge of your love life, select a card to reveal an action for the evening. Some cards are funny, fun, and sexy. Other cards offer unique sex suggestions for bringing some variety into your relationship. Bedroom Commands Game from Kheper Games. Kheper Games is based in Seattle, Washington.


Height: 4.75  Length: 5 Diameter: 0.75  Weight: 0.42


Color:   Material: Barcode: 8.25156E+11
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Weight 0.425 g


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