Bachelorette Willy Whack It Piñata

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Male Q Adult Store Featured Party Games, Gifts & Supplies – BACHELORETTE WILLY WHACK IT PINATA released on 9/7/2007, by George’s Funfactory.


Bachelorette Willy Whack It Pinata. This large Willy Whack-It Pinata will be the hit of the party! Fill it with fun goodies, like suckers, condoms, candy and more, then whack the heck out of him! Approximately 16″ long. Includes stickers to apply to the pinata for different facial expressions. Also includes a bag of Blow Pops to help get the party started! All the girls can decorate this 16 inches long Willie! Add fake fur, a hat, or even a costume to look like the Groom! Fill him up with condoms, Blow Pops, dares for the girls to complete, then whack the living daylight out of him! Makes a great party decoration! Bachelorette Willy Whack It Pinata from George’s Fun Factory manufacturing fun. New images added April 29, 2013.


Height: 9.5  Length: 11.9 Diameter: 17.3  Weight: 0.465


Color: Pink  Material: Paper Barcode: 6.80084E+11
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