Axis Rib Griphold Cockring Black Ice (Net)


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Axis Rib Griphold Cockring Black Ice (Net) by OXBALLS in MQ featured Male Sex Toys and  Cock Rings.

Axis Rib Griphold Cockring Black Ice (Net)

Axis Rib Griphold Cock Ring Black Ice from Oxballs. Shockingly superior. Axis comfort cock ring is sized for bulging and boning. It is our most rubbery soft Plus + Silicone blend that is softer and stronger than regular Silicone. It is the right size and feel for longer wear, the right stretch for the best fit. The inner rim of Axis is lined with humpy ridges all the way around for a different feel than our smoother rings, the ribs add more grip and more space for lube around your cock and balls and bit of a squishy juicy feel. Our dull finish colors made of our custom Plus + Silicone mix has a lush feeling velvety smooth finish and a warm freshness perfect for the best cock ring feel. Oxballs makes the good gear better, we design cock rings that do more, that fit better and feel right. Categories: Love Rings, Cock Rings, Men’s Cock and Ball Gear, Gentlemen Cock Rings. 2022.

Originally release 2022-08-18.

Dimensions (Inches): Height – 0  Length – 0 Width – 0
Weight: 0.25 pounds.
Color: Black

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