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Bucked Stride Pure Silicone Lube 4 Oz


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Male Q Adult Store Featured Lubes & Lotions – Bucked Stride Pure Silicone Lube 4 Oz released on 5/7/19, by System Jo.

Bucked Stride Pure Silicone Lube 4 Oz

Bred for a go-all-night gallop.Bucked Pure Silicone Lubricant lets you ride with confidence and take it all in stride. With our pure silicone, fortified with Vitamin E to heal and soothe, passion need not be contained. Test your boundaries and ride without limits. No siloxanes, no parabens and no preservatives for a healthy and non-stop experience. Get a little dark, get a little leather and let yourself go. Key Features- Only 3 ingredients- Fortified with Vitamin E- Long-lastingIngredients: Dimethicone, Dimethiconol, Vitamin E Acetate

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Weight: 0.34  UPC: 7.96E+11  Product Type: Lubricants

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Weight 0.34 g