There are a lot of things you might not know about gay people.  Yeah, it might seem like we are everywhere now a days, but there are probably a few things we encounter every day that you never thought about.  Being gay is a lot more than just loving someone of the same gender, and living life in a 99% straight world, well there are somethings we have to deal with that a lot of straight people may never realize.

As Redditor MiskiMoon recently asked:

“What is something I’ll never understand as a straight person?”

Here are some of the most “true to home” responses they got.


Coming out never fucking stops.


“…Every new person you meet means a decision, which can be serious or more casual depending on a lot of things: do I tell them I’m gay? If the answer is no, each interaction has to be measured so you don’t let anything slip. If the answer is yes, how? Do I play it like a joke? Do I casually mention my gf? Do I go “by the way I’m gay”? … it’s still a decision you need to make constantly”. – petalpie


Yeah, it’s a never ending process – but you gotta do what you gotta do!


Bisexuality – “No, I am not a straight girl looking to experiment. No, I’m not just “coming out slowly”. – NewsiesOnAMission


“Just because I am currently eating cake doesn’t mean I don’t still love ice cream.

Just because I’m drinking a beer doesn’t mean I don’t still enjoy wine.

Just because I play board games does not also mean that I won’t play video games.

Just because I am currently dating a guy does not mean I suddenly dislike women and I’m magically straight. I love women. I’m probably more attracted to them in general. But I also happen to love this particular man. This should not be a difficult concept.” – Jessiray



Yeah, so I can like the same gender but I can’t also like the other?


“Being attracted to people who literally can’t love you.” – wills_bills


“I still remember being in love with my best – friend in high school. He’s straight and I was gay. And every day I had to hear him talking about girls and every day I had to listen and not say a word and nod and pretend… It’s a shitty feeling.” – SirAlexH



It’s one thing to be turned down, but to never even be given the chance?  That really blows…


“The intense feeling of loss when you realize you are an ‘other.'” – mkultraviolett


“I still vividly remember the night I really admitted to myself, I whispered “I’m a lesbian” to myself in my room and I felt my heart just sink… it wasn’t something that was supposed to apply to me, it was something that happened to other people. Being a white privileged kid, it never occurred to me that I would be knocked down a peg in the social ladder.” – mkultraviolett



You never realize you are different, until people tell you that you aren’t like them.


“Most gay guys in my experience aren’t feminine or flamboyant at all. People only notice the ones that are.” – GingerScruff


“I am gay. I am not a woman. I like cars, sports, fishing, and many traditional “guy” activities. I have no problem with guys who are more feminine, but that isn’t all of us.”  – Fake_Alex_Trebek



Who says I can’t be gay and also like the same things?


These are just a few of the many things form the Ask Reddit thread, and there are a lot of other things that were talked about that we didn’t include in the list.


You can read the full Reddit Thread here.


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