Sexiest Swimmers We Wish Were Gay

I usually don’t watch sports for the actual competition, and swimming is the biggest example of that.  Yes, diving and doing laps could be interesting, but I think most of us use it as an excuse to watch half naked men with wondrous bodies get wet.  I have always dreamed that the guys on the Olympic team were gay (or at least bi-curious).

Here is a list of the top swimmers we wish were gay.


Florent Manaudou

Country: France


James Mag

Country: Australia
Sexiest Swimmers We Wish Were Gay 1 Sexiest Swimmers We Wish Were Gay 2 Sexiest Swimmers We Wish Were Gay 3 Sexiest Swimmers We Wish Were Gay 4




Nikita Lobintsev

Country: Russia
Age: 25



Ricky Berens

Country: America
Age: 26




Yang Sun

Country: China
Age: 22


Nathan Adrian

Country: America
Age: 25

Openly Gay Swimmers

Luckily we already have a few playing for the other team.  Remember, this is a list of “openly” gay swimmers.  There very well may be others that we don’t know about.  I can’t imagine that a sport wearing a speedo all day wouldn’t attract a lot of gay men.  Here are some openly gay swimmers that might make your fantasies a little bit closer to reality.


Matthew Mitcham 

Country: Australia
Age: 26



Jack Mackenroth

Country: America
Age: 44



Tom Daley 

Country: England
Age: 19



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