Orny Vibrating Ring Gray Stretchy C-Ring

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Orny Vibe Ring Gray Stretchy C-Ring


Orny Vibrating Ring Gray Stretchy C-Ring by Screaming O in MQ featured Male Sex Toys and Cock Rings.

Orny Vibrating Ring Gray Stretchy C-Ring

The Orny vibe ring gets couples hot and heavy fast with a unique shape specially designed for a dramatically different orgasm. The Orny is powered by the famous Vooom Bullet, a new low pitch mini vibe that vibrates with a deep, rumbling sensation unlike anything you have ever felt. This one size fits most cock ring is equipped with two soft, flexible horns that cradle the clitoris and tremble and flutter against every erogenous zone they touch.

With the push of a button, the Orny sends powerful vibration to their tips all while providing an enhanced experience for him. Simply stretch the ring around the penis or both the penis and testicles with the vibrating horns positioned on top to assure the most effective experience. Made of lab tested, body safe SEBS material, the Orny matches powerful erection enhancement with extrasensory stimulation specially designed to satisfy every carnal craving! From Screaming O Products.

Weight: 0.12 pounds. Length: 3.25 Inches
Released on 2016/9/1

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Weight 0.12 g
Dimensions 3.25 cm


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