Noje Pleasure Wand Heads Hugger & Flicker

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Male Q Adult Store Featured Magic Wands & Body Massagers – NOJE PLEASURE WAND HEADS HUGGER & FLICKER released on 8/15/2017, by Blush Novelties.


Noje Pleasure Wand Heads Hugger and Flicker. Accessorize your Noje pleasure wands. Made from pure platinum cured silicone. They are lab tested for body safety. Flicker attachment flutters on your clitoris like a tongue. The bulb can be used for more direct and precise stimulation. Hugger attachment hugs your clitoris or nipples and bathes it in sensual vibrations. Accessory designed to fit Blush Novelties Noje Pleasure Wands. Satin smooth. Silicone features a smooth satin finish for a sensual feel. Peace of mind. Made of body safe Silicone. Contains no synthetic fragrance, phthalate or latex. It meets or exceeds International Product Safety Standards. It is your body be mindful of what you put in it. The Noje Pleasure Wand Heads are the best accessories you will ever buy for your Noje Wand. The Hugger head hugs your clitoris or nipples and envelopes them in its soft smooth texture with the powerful vibrations produced by the wand. The Flicker head flutters at a high rate of speed flicking at your most sensitive parts. Use it’s nub for concentrated vibrations. Made from pure silicone with a smooth satin finish they are easy to clean and care for and will last a lifetime. Noje Wand Massager accessories, not included.


Height: 4.7  Length: 20.4 Diameter: 6.7  Weight: 0.13


Color: white  Material: Silicone Barcode: 8.55215E+11
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