Je Joue Ami + Next Level Kegel Trainer Fuchsia Pink

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Male Q Adult Store Featured Sextoys for Couples – AMI + FUCHSIA (NET) released on 8/19/2016, by JE JOUE.


Je Joue Ami Plus Next level Kegel Trainer Fuchsia Pink richer and deeper sensations for a positive sexuality. Take your pelvic fitness to the next level with Ami +, strengthening your pelvic muscles to optimum strength, while providing enhanced sensitivity and more intense, easier to achieve orgasms. If you are not 100% sure about your PC muscle strength, we recommend you start with the 3 step Ami ball kit. Wearing Ami+ is like a fitness routine: JeJoue recommends that you wear it 3 to 4 times a week from 20 minutes to 1 hour maximum. Your PC muscle The pubococcygeus, PC muscle is the hammock like muscle that stretches from your public bone to coccyx, supporting your pelvic organs and internal genitalia. A strong PC muscle is the key to more intense orgasms and greater urinary control, as well as helping during childbirth. Ami+ We worked with top medical specialists to create the most challenging PC muscle workout. At 136g, Ami+ will help you train your muscle to reach its optimum strength. There are many different Kegel exercises, and some may suit you more than others, please check our manual for more info. Presented in luxurious packaging, the Je Joue products have beautifully crafted designs and are the ultimate in quality: 100% body safe silicone and phthalate free. Discover this complete collection of quiet and rechargeable toys, with low frequency motors to give a unique and rumbling sensation, designed to enrich feminine pleasure and spice up couples play. Specifications approximate 2.73 inches by 1.07 inches.


Height:Length: 4.45 Diameter: 5.65  Weight: 0.755


Color: pink  Material: Silicone Barcode: 5.06017E+12
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