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Huj3 3pk C-ring Blue Multi


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Male Q Adult Store Featured Men's Toys – Huj3 3pk C-ring Blue Multi released on 3/20/19, by Blue Ox Designs.

Huj3 3pk C-ring Blue Multi

HUJ3 c-ring is our take on a basic ring most guys will want to use and use often. This 3-pack is the best option for customers that use c-rings often. Our history shows this size ring gets used multiple ways, often more than one at a time. HUJ ring is a c-ring and a ball-ring, some guy`s stack them for more stretch or for more grip. Designed with flatter inner opening, this keeps the ring from rolling so it won`t snag or pinch. HUJ c-ring has a groove inside the ring that flattens out when worn, this keeps the ring in place and keeps a bit of lube between the ring and the wearer for comfort. Our plus+silicone TPR/silicone blend: silicone for a smooth and warm feel, TPR for amazing stretch and strength. Phthalate free. Dimensions: Width: 2 in. Height: 2 in. Depth: .75 in. Outer Circumference: 6 in. Inner Circumference: 3 in.

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