Heeldo Foot Harness His L/XL Black


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Heeldo Foot Harness Large to Extra Large Black. The Heeldo Harness fits a man’s foot shoe sizes 8-12. The first strap on harness for your foot. Heeldo is a strap on dildo harness for your foot ideal for vaginal or anal masturbation, straight and gay couple play, and male self-pegging. Heeldo fits most common foot sizes of men. Heeldo is the first strap-on harness a user can use on themselves allowing for hands free masturbation and a new way to masturbate. In the rear heel position, Heeldo can add some spice to couple play while performing oral sex on your standing partner. While on your knees your body is already moving back and forth. Just throw a heeldo harness and dildo on your foot and now you can get pleasure while giving it too! Heeldo can be used by both gay and straight men using an o-ring compatible dildo or butt plug for anal and prostate stimulation while self-pegging. The harness is made of neoprene for easy cleaning and a comfortable fit. Dildo or attachment not included. Sold separately. Please note also fits ladies with larger sized feet. Fits women sizes 9 – 12.

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