Electro Shank Shock Blade with Handle

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Master Series Electro Shank Shock Blade with Handle. This prod style electro shock device is a devious way to keep your sub in line! The Electro Shank is designed for electro play enthusiasts and curious sadists and masochists alike. Take hold of the comfortable handle while your play thing prepares for a zap! This device delivers an intense shock that is sure to correct your lovers naughty behavior. The sleek, sensual blade is perfect for teasing your sub before delivering the shock! An easy to use button allows you to control the length and frequency of the shocks, while the handle and blade are safe to the touch.<br /><br /> Measurements 12.5 inches in overall length. Handle measures 6.75 inches in length, 1.75 inches in width. Materials Plastic, metal. Requires 2 AA batteries, not included. Use with caution, delivers an intense shock.


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