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Ease In Anal Dilator Kit Black

$92.43 $83.56


$92.43 $83.56


Ease In Anal Dilator Kit Black


Size Matters Ease In Anal Dilator Kit comes with 5 different size butt plugs. Increase your potential. Train yourself up to the majors with this dilator kit. This kit allows you to start off small and at your own pace step up to a bigger size. Once you get to the last plug, you will be ready to take anything that comes your way. Size of butt plugs: mini plug 1 inch diameter, small plug 1.25 inches diameter, medium plug 1.50 inches diameter, large plug 1.75 inches diameter and extra large plug 2 inches diameter. Length ranges from 3.25 inches to 5 inches. Category: Anal Toys, Size Matters. Ease In Anal Dilator Kit.


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