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Bodywand Midnight Plug In Massager Black


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Male Q Adult Store Featured Vibrators – BODYWAND MIDNIGHT PLUG IN (NET) released on 6/3/2013, by X-Gen Products.


Bodywand Plug In Midnight Massager. From its dark blue color to the rounded, soft touch head, the Bodywand Original massager is engineered with a distinctly feminine feel. A simple ergonomic one finger control dial lets you adjust the A/C power output from a flutter to a freight train, though the wand never sounds louder than an easy hum. The flexible neck reaches all angles and can be fitted with an range of attachments to create a palette of sensual delights. Features: one touch operation. Control dial for infinite speeds. A/C power – just plug it in and start enjoying. Comes with a one year manufacturer warranty. Bodywand personal massager for every part of your body. Bodywand is a registered trademark for X-Gen Products. Colors may vary. 19 video.


Height: 2.85  Length: 3.55 Diameter: 12.85  Weight: 0.87


Color: Midnight  Material: ABS Plastic Barcode: 7.26634E+11
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Weight 0.78 g


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