Dick or Treat!  It’s Halloween time. The best season for tricks, treats, and penis candies.  Below are a few dicks for your Halloween sweet tooth. Just make sure don’t hand them out to the kids!

Halloween Penis Candy

Big Gummy Pecker


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How does a strawberry gummy dick sound?  MMM, Chewy Gooey!

Peter Peckers Penis Gummies Candy


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An adult version of Sourpatch kids? These Sour Sweets chewy dicks for when you’re all grown up.


Party Marshmallow Pecker Puffs


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Aww! Punk marshmallow dicks. So cute and squishy.

Super Fun Penis Candy


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Is that a blue dick?  Might want to get that checked out.

Peter Peckers Penis Gummies Candy



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Gummy Gummy Gummy bears! Or should I say, gummy dicks.

Cover Image by Freepik