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Maximus Lube Review

When choosing a lube to try next, I primarily look for two things.  How well it lubricates, and how much it costs.  I had heard a lot of great things about Maximus and wanted to give it a look for myself.  So, is it worth the hype?  More importantly, is it worth your money?  Let’s find out in our Maximus Lube Review.

Maximus Lube Review

What I Like

Extra Thick

If I had to choose between a water and silicone lube, I’d choose silicone over time, hands down.  The durability and comfort you get compared to water lubes is on a whole different level.  If you have ever used popular water lubes like Astroglide or ID Glide you probably noticed that they are thin and for lack of a better term “watered down”.  There is just not much in term of volume

Maximus, on the other hand, is thick, dense and has really weight to it.  It is more like a jelly than a lubricant and simply feels like it’s heavy duty and cut out for the job.  I am really picky when it comes to consistency, and this feels thick and clean without the stereotypical grumpiness that goes with a lot of other products.

It Glides

What makes Maximus special is that it is actually a silicone-water hybrid.  This means you get a taste of both worlds.  Water does a good job as a natural  lubricant, but the added silicone gel makes a big difference.  Maximus feels smooth and slippery.

It easily glides over the skin and thus makes things like entry much easier.  In its category of hybrids, especially when paired up with products like Swiss Navy and Shibari it performs very well.  In the end, maximum slipperiness is what any good lube should have.

Easy Clean-Up

Since Maximus is primarily made up of  water, it is a cinch to clean up.  Other silicone lubes like Pjur last forever, but can be a pain to clean off, usually needing hot water and a few rounds of soap to get everything off completely.  This wasn’t the case with Maximus.  All it took was a quick rinse under some running water and it was completely gone.

“Other silicone lubes usually need hot water and a few rounds of soap to get everything off.”

The downside to this though is if you are planning to have sex in the shower or anywhere else with water, it will definitely wash away quickly.  In that case, you should probably find something else.

The Pump

This is one feature I think every product needs to have.  I think I speak for a lot of people who don’t want to mess with a cap.  It is a hassle to have to unscrew with two hands and fumble around with.

I am also not a fan of those click caps.  They always get sticky and are a pain to open.

Pumps are great.  I can reach over without even touching the bottle, quickly use one hand and get a perfectly portioned amount of lube, and get back to business.  I know pumps are not the prettiest solution, but the tradeoff in usability is well worth it.

Generous Portions

I always say that you can never use too much lube, and I use A LOT.   As a result, I usually end up burning through my supply pretty quickly.  I like Maximus because it comes in standard 250ml bottles.

That is big.

For what you pay, around $15-20 dollars per bottle, it works out to be very affordable, especially considering how long one bottle will last you.

What I Don’t Like

It Dries Out Quickly

Like I said before, Maximus is made up in large part of water.  And as we all know water evaporates.  It also gets absorbed by the skin easily.  This means that you are going to have to reapply fairly often which I have to say, I am not a big fan of.

“Having to stop and lube up takes away from the atmosphere.”

The evaporation problem is fairly standard for most water based lubricants, but it is annoying.  Having to stop and lube up takes away from the atmosphere.  It doesn’t take very long, but it is still something you are going to have to deal with.

Sticky Sticky Sticky

Fresh out of the bottle, this lube feels great.  It’s clean, thick and smooth.  But, after you are done it is a different story.

It is dried up and you are left with this small silicone residue that tends to ball up on your skin.  Ans it is sticky.  It is not so pleasant to have dried out lube spread all over your body.    Like I said before, this is probably one of the easiest lubes to wash off, but the residue left over is annoying.

The Verdict

As a lube, Maximus does a lot right.  It is easy to apply, super slippery and has a great consistency.  For being a great lubricant, it succeeds.  It is not perfect, and still suffers that same problem as many water lubes when it comes to longevity and being prone to drying out.  But on the other hand, if you are looking for something a bit different than your standard Astroglide then this is probably the best alternative when it comes to durability and comfort.  As a hybrid product you ultimately get the best of both worlds.

That wraps up our Maximus Lube Review.  Have you used Maximus before?  What was your experience like?  Let us know in the comments below.

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