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Leaked Pics of Red Sox Player Grady Sizemore Will Make Your Mouth Water

Whether or not you are a fan of the Red Sox – hell whether or not you are even a fan of baseball, these leaked pics of sexy, buttery, Grady Sizemore in all of his six-pack muscles and shirtless goodness will make you switch to team Sizemore in no time.  Let us only look at the irony of his last name.  That’s a big reputation to live upto, but I think he is doing just fine judging by these shots.


11I think the Playboy magazine is trying to prove a point… We can still hope.


What is he planning to do with that container of vaseline?
8The boxers are ok… but I like what he is showing underneath.





If only we could all look like that.


5We are getting there.  Can I see the damn thing already???



 He sure has a lot of button-up shirts.



 Someone needs to get this guy nicer underwear.





The Holy Grail. Now take a drink.


I hope I get to see some more real soon.  In the meantime, one can only dream.

Images from [TheGailyGrind and Deadspin]

Loren Couse

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  1. That last pic tho XD

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