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I am going to let you in on a small but important piece of information that is going to open the doors to a world where your sex life is at its full potential. The prostate, or what is sometimes referred to as the P-Spot is located on the interior of the colon wall.  Learning how to milk your prostate can help to send your sex life to new levels.

You may have heard that anal sex or anal play can feel amazing.  The reason?  It is because when you stimulate the prostate – an organ essential in creating orgasms – it tigers your body to climax.

Prostate massaging, or “milking” as it is sometimes referred to will cause your orgasms to become stronger than they have been before.

If you are skeptical, as most people are, my advice is to explore this new territory with an open mind.  Whether or not you consider yourself a bottom, or even a gay man, learning how to milk your prostate will improve your sex life in ways you never thought possible.

How to Milk Your Prostate

Getting Stated

What you will need:

The first thing I recommend doing before venturing into anything anal is hygiene. This will make you experience safer, cleaner and more enjoyable.

Many people are initially turned off by the ew factor, but the reality is – if you clean up before hand then anal play is as clean as any other type of sex!

You can have a more in-depth guide to using an Anal Enema Here.

If you have never experimented with anything anal before, then my best piece of advice is to relax.  Take a deep breath.  If you are tense and uptight things are going to hurt.

If you are relaxed things are going to feel great!

A great way to get in the right state of mind is to take a warm bath beforehand and calm your nerves.

Use Some Lube

Once you are relaxed and cleaned out you want to get your lube ready. Apply a generous amount of lube to the prostate stimulator or your finger.  Also, add some more around your anus.

Gently push out like you are trying to poop (this shouldn’t be a problem if your colon is clean).

Next, gently insert your prostate stimulator.  Your prostate is located about two inches inside but go slowly. These simulators are designed to automatically touch the correct area once inserted.

If you are using a finger, you will notice a small bump about the size of a Ping-Pong ball on the side closest to your belly button.  If you press in on is you will notice a strange feeling like you have to pee.  This means that you have found your prostate!

Start Milking

Gently massage the area back and forth while masturbating. This may feel strange, but your body should adjust after a few minutes.  You will likely have an orgasm much sooner and stronger than you usually do.

In fact, most people say that this is the strongest orgasm they have ever experienced.

Even if you are new or you feel uncomfortable at first, try to experiment and keep at it. Once you get over the initial discomfort the rewards will be well worth the effort.

Using a Prostate Massager

Like I said before, using a prostate stimulator is going to give you the strongest orgasm hands-down and is ideal for prostate milking.

Our top pick for a prostate stimulator is easily the Sonos.  The soft solicone is comfortable yes durable, and the stimulator itself is sculpted in a shape which targets your p-stop better than any other stimulator we have tested.

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If you are looking to go to the next level, vibrating stimulators will give you the strongest orgasm is a very short period of time.

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Once you get used to the sensation of milking your prostate you can try experimenting with a partner and trying different style toys for a different effect.  The key is to be adventurous and try something new.  If you give prostate milking a try and really learn how to milk your prostate then I can tell you that you will not regret it!

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These are our tips on how to milk your prostate. Do you have any tips of your own? Let us know in the comments below.

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