How to Make Someone Like You: 5 Tips to Instantly Seem More Attractive

How to Make Someone Like You: 5 Tips to Instantly Seem More Attractive

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Human attraction is a funny thing.  There are so many aspects that seem out of our control, but making someone like you has aspects you can actually influence.  We are designed to like others by following our instincts. Learning how to make someone like you is all about playing into what someone else is searching for subconsciously.

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How to Make Someone Like You

This can really work to your advantage.  Below are some tips I have learned over time of how to make someone like you and to appear more attractive.

Mirror His Moves

You have heard it before – imitation is the highest form of flattery.  Compatibility is largely based on how well two people can get along with each other.  Most long term relationships result in partners adopting mannerisms and habits of one another.  Just like how best friends seem to operate on the same “frequency”, being in tune with your hopeful’s movements can make you appear more compatible and desirable.

This can be something as simple as sitting in a similar position, returning a yawn, or itching your nose.  Make it subtle and sprinkle it throughout your interactions.  If done right, it will earn you a lot of subconscious brownie points.

Sit up Straight

Much of attraction is based on physical appearance, so playing the role of someone who is healthy, active and fit is important.  Even if you are lacking in some of these categories, maintaining good posture when walking and sitting will make you look more confident and healthy.  

Being constantly mindful of how you look externally will also help keep your mind on its toes making you more engaged and better able to look confident when speaking and presenting yourself.

Play Hard to Getting

I will probably get a lot of smack for saying this, but being less invested and not acting overly interested will make you seem more desirable.  We are all human, and as so, we naturally want things that we can not have.  If you are easy to get, then you will likely then be seen as regular, and this will not do much to make you stand out.  Playing hard to get adds a layer of mysticism.  Don’t be cocky, but don’t be an obsessive pushover.  When you do finally start to give some more rope your efforts will be much more appreciated.  In his eyes, you will be something valuable that took time and effort to win over.

Use His Name

One of the most awkward situations is forgetting someone’s name, especially when on a date.  Whatever you do, remember his name and more importantly, use it!  Being on a first name basis helps to show familiarity. The sound of their own name will spark up the brain and makes the other more engaged in the conversation.   Again, don’t overdo it or be creepy, but once in a while inject their name into the conversation. He will find you more interesting and your conversations will leave a greater impact.

Play it Cool

The key is to execute all of these without the other person picking up on what you are doing.  Finding a balance and not overdoing will make you appear more natural which is the number one key to success.  Be careful to come off as desirable and not as a douche bag, annoying or downright creepy.  Practice and keep these four points in the back of your head and you will be much better set up for success when picking up a new cute guy.

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This is our complete guide to how to make someone like you and seem more attractive. Do you have any tips of your own? Let us know in the comments below!

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