How to Give a Hickey Without Leaving a Mark – 5 Easy Tips

How to Give a Hickey Wihtout Leaving a Mark

I love kissing more than any other guy, and I love the feeling of getting a hickey.  But here is something you might not realize – if you give a hickey and if you leave a mark, then you are doing it WRONG! So we are here to teach you how to give a hickey without leaving a mark!

Yes, there is something to be said about the marking your guy, saying “This is mine!”

But let’s be honest… after the first time, hickeys are a pain in the ass! If anything, they make you look like you just fucked for the first time, or have absolutely no idea about what they are doing in bed.

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How To give a Hickey and NOT Leave a Mark

So, let’s have a bit of re-education, and learn how to “hickey” without leaving your boyfriend embarrassed for the next week, and actually, improve your technique to feel BETTER than it ever did before!

Give a Hickey that Doesn’t Suck!

how to give a hickey kiss

Yes yes, I know that we all have this innate instinct to suck suck suck! But what you are really doing is pulling blood to the surface of the skin and breaking tiny blood vessels leaving behind a purple mark.  Yuck.

I know what you are probably thinking,  “That’s stupid, hickeys mean sucking!”, but I want you to remember that names can be misleading – just think about blowjobs, where if you actually “blow”, you would actually make a fool of yourself!

Here is no different.  So let’s stop this bad habit here and now.  Forget every notion you have about sucking – and put this bad idea deep into the closet and lock it away!

How to Give a Blowjob Sucking Dick
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Kiss to Find His Sensitive Spot

The reason hickeys feel so good isn’t because of the sucking – it is because you are actually stimulating a very sensitive part of your neck.  The rush you get from the almost ticklish feeling is actually a protective instinct to protect your essential arteries.  When you let someone get this close and this intimate, you are actually showing a level of trust, and this sensitivity is what makes it feel so good.

The key here is to stimulate these same nerves more intensely without damaging the skin.

Use Your Tongue

how to give a hickey tongue

Your tongue can do magic, so put it to use!  To get the effect we are looking for, you want to use your tongue to apply pressure.  This means you need to stiffen it and push in on his neck.  The pressure is key – don’t let it flop around like a dog.

And speaking of dogs, a little spit is ok, but don’t get him soaking wet (unless that is what he is into).  You want to find a nice balance of pressure and movement that is powerful but not painful.

Next, use your tongue and massage the sides of his neck where his arteries run, working up from his clavicle to the lower part of his jaw.  Put some passion and work into some kissing.  The more energy and excitement you can give, the better and more turned on he will get!

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Once you get the right balance you will absolutely drive him up a wall!  When done right, it is one of the best feeling foreplay you can possibly give.

And there you go!  No more ugly marks or embarrassing next-day walks of shame.  Best of all, your hickeys will feel better than they ever had before!

This is our guide of how to give a hickey without leaving a mark. Do you have any tips or suggestions that we didn’t mention here?  Let us know in the comments below!

Cover Image Courtesy of Matt Reinbold under Flickr Creative Commons

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