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How to Boost Your Libido, Increase Your Sex-Drive

How to Boost Your Libido, Increase Your Sex-Drive

I have had my share of lows in my sex life.  There was a time when I was overstressed and out of touch with my body which took a huge hit on my wellbeing and sexual performance.  My sex drive was down and it was really starting to make an impact on my quality of life. That is when I decided to do some research and start making changes to my lifestyle.  Overall my changes were small and really came down to simple steps like eating right, getting enough exercise, and adding natural supplements, ensuring that my body had everything it needed to function properly.  Now that I have taken control of my body, sex has never been better and my libido has never been stronger.  What I did wasn’t rocket science and with a little time and modifications to your daily routine, you can achieve the same results.

How to Boost your Labido & Increase Your Sex Drive




The one real magic answer to improving nearly every aspect of your life, whether it is your health, mood or sex is exercise.  Staying physically active will improve your mood, energy, circulation, and stamina; all of which are necessary for a high libido and satisfying sex life.  Ideally, you should be getting, at least, an hour of exercise every day.  This can be a variety of things such as cardio, training or lifting.  What is important is that you make it a part of your routine.   As difficult as this may sound, the worst thing you can do is nothing at all.  If you don’t have time, then make time.

Be creative about how you fit in physical activity into your daily life.  For example, I have entirely abandoned public transit, and now bike almost everywhere I go, whether it be to work or running errands.

Being active will also improve your physique, which will, in turn, boost your own self-esteem.  If you are self-confident it will make a world of difference.  Almost two weeks after switching to a more active lifestyle I noticed that I was getting toned, especially in areas like my abs were I have always had issues.  I also had more energy and had a boost in my sexual interest.

I cannot emphasize enough that this is because I have made physical activity part of my routine.  Now getting my daily exercise is second nature, and I can see and feel the improvements it has made in my life nearly every day.

Eat Right



Like exercising, practicing a healthy diet will do wonders for improving your libido.  My philosophy is that if you weren’t eating it 200 years ago, you probably shouldn’t be eating it today.  That means that your diet should contain fresh, unprocessed foods, mainly fruits and vegetables, as well as lean proteins.

Along with practicing a healthy diet, you can also include foods, which naturally promote a healthy libido. Garlic although maybe not a great idea right before sex, contains allicin, which helps to improve blood flow, especially to your penis.  Garlic is convenient because it can be incorporated into many main dishes and is very easy to find. Bananas are also great because they have bromelain enzymes, which are largely believed to increase sexual drive in men.

You should also consider adding nuts, specifically almonds to your diet as they are a great natural protein source and are rich in fatty acids, which are necessary for male hormone production.  I was surprised myself to hear that eggs are also an ideal libido-boosting food, as they are high in vitamins B5 and B6 that are essential for making hormones, which control your sex drive.

Finally, ginseng is probably the most famous as it has been used for over 7000 years to specifically increase libido.  Ginseng is effective because it is great at increasing blood flow, and does a great job at boosting energy and lowering stress.

Less Stress, More Sleep

Boost Your Libido, Increase Your Sex-Drive-4

Stress is about the worst ingredient for a healthy sex life.  It will interfere with your body’s natural operations like arousal, and can be an unwanted distraction during sex.  If your mind is somewhere else, then your body will be too.

Exercise and eating right can both help with stress, but making sure that you are properly rested is the best thing you can do for yourself.  Ideally, you should be getting about 8-hours of sleep every night.  If not, then you should try to get something as close to this as possible.

You should also try to maintain a regular sleeping schedule to keep your body in a regular rhythm.  This means that if you get up at 7am for work or school, you should try and get up around the same time on your days off.  This may sound strange but it will really help your body get consistent sleep, especially because it will not be thrown off by drastic changes in your sleep schedule from weekday to weekend.

Take a Morning Supplement



Diet and exercise are important, but when they aren’t enough, adding a supplement to your daily regimen can be that extra push to really get you off the ground and back into the game.  Supplements help provide all the essential vitamin and amino acids that let your body perform at its best.  For a list of effective supplements that I have personally tried out take a look here.

The real success in improving your sex life and boosting your libido is a combination of everything I have already mentioned. If you put in the effort to maintain a healthy diet, start an exercise routine and ensure that your body is getting all the essential vitamins and amino acids then you will notice a difference in your sexual performance.  With these changes, you will be in your best state of not only sex but in all aspects of life.

Loren Couse

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