Fix My Smelly Dick! – 5 Tips to Stop Penis Odor

Fix My Smelly Dick Stop Penis Odor

So your dick smells bad, like fish, or who knows what.  Do you have an STD?  Is God punishing you? Are you dying?!? Just fix my smelly dick! Don’t panic!  Most likely the cause of that weird smell is none of these.

Your dick is in a hot, moist (yes I said moist) place, crammed between two legs and gets a lot of friction (walking, wanking, you name it).  And even if you try your best to wash well every day sometimes odors still build up.

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How to Fix a Smelly Dick and Stop Penis Odors

The truth is your body is designed to keep your parts nice and warm, because well, that’s how babies are made (if no one told you yet).

All this heat and moisture can lead to some funky smells, or what I like to call – “Fish Dick”.

Sexual Hygiene

Fix My Smelly Dick

It happens to the best of us and the simplest solution is to simply stay on top of your hygiene and wash with soap and hot water when you shower.

If you are uncut you are going to need to be extra on this!

Proper sexual hygiene also means washing up after jacking off or having sex.  You don’t want those juices to brew overnight!

Use a Different Soap

Fix My Smelly Dick

If keeping up with hygiene isn’t enough to keep off smells (which for me it isn’t) then you should first try to change up your soap.

All body odors start off from lingering bacteria and in more extreme cases fungus, which if left alone start to release those unpleasant smells.  That’s why the key to stopping that smelly dick is to ensure that your daily cleaning is in fact doing the job right.

Fix My Smelly Dick Fungal Shampoo

I use Therapeutic, but if you are in some dire need of relief, then most anti-fungal and anti-odor soaps will do the trick.  Like I mentioned before, even with a change in soap, your efforts will mean nothing unless you wash every day, if not a few times a day, and truly stay on top of your personal hygiene!

Scrub Scrub Scrub!

Fix My Smelly Dick Scribbing

When you are washing up, be sure that you are also doing your part in removing any dead skin. To do this, you need to do more than just lather your body, but really get in there and scrub!.  You can do this by using a body scrub, which if you aren’t used to, can tickle at first, or even hurt (depending on how sensitive you are).

Fix My Smelly Dick body scrub

No matter your previous habits, this will go a long way in reducing those dick smells.

Dry Off Your Dick After You Shower

Fix My Smelly Dick dry off

After you shower you need to be sure that you are completely dry before you get dressed.  If your downstairs is still damp, then you will get stinky again fast, no matter how well you just washed up.

You can take your time to air dry, brush your teeth, do your hair and finish getting ready before putting your clothes on.  Or you can always use a hairdryer to speed up the process.

What is important is that your groin is completely dry!  Moisture is your worst enemy.

Wear Underwear That Breaths

Fix My Smelly Dick Underwear

Stink smells build up because of sweat.  Most underwear is made from standard cotton, which is super soft and comfy but is a bitch for trapping and absorbing sweat and bad smells.

I tend to sweat a lot, and that’s why during the summer months I switch to Spandex underwear.  Spandex and other sports underwear are designed specifically for heat and moisture and will let your body breathe much more effectively. 

This means less sweat and body odor getting trapped and fewer opportunities for those stale body smells to build up in the first place.

Fix My Smelly Dick Underwear

My current picks are Desmiit and David Archey Air because of the sheer comfort and the fact that I don’t have to sacrifice nearly as much in terms of looks (personally I find a lot of sports underwear to look a bit nerdy). 

Use a Dick Deodorant

Fix My Smelly Dick Deodorant

And finally, if all else fails, you still have one line of defense left – dick deodorant!

Yes, I had no idea this was real until a few months ago but dick deodorant is a real thing. Just like with Body Odor no matter how often you wash or use deodorant, smells still happen.  

Like any other body odor, this funky stench happens from a combination of moisture and bacteria.  Some people simply sweat more than others and are therefore smellier than others.

If you are still having trouble try using an anti-odor cream like Osfrisi.

The most important thing is to stay on top of things! So you can get on top of something ;-).  You’ll be doing yourself, and your partner a favor.

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Do you have any tips to fix my smelly dick or deal with strange smells?  Any hygiene tips? Leave them in the comments below.

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  1. I’m a girl but I have found that if you are fully dry before you dress you will not have a smell at all. Even if this means using a blow dryer or fan after your shower. My guy is uncut and even he makes sure it is all dry before he lets things slide back to normal. He doesn’t have a smell problem either.

  2. There’s a product called Toppcock that keeps the man parts clean and fresh. Sort of deodorant for the private parts.