Check Out this Cute Gay Couple in Apple’s Newest iPhone 7 Ad

If you are an Apple lover then you have probably heard about the brand new iPhone 7 which has drawn international attention.  What was more magical than the phone itself was the introduction video which featured not just the new iPhone, but a cute gay couple, openly the supporting for LGBT community.



In the video, a gay couple appears on the subway, taking selfies, head on the other’s shoulders and watching videos on the new iPhone 7.

Although the company just recently faced some issues with “Shot on iPhone – Mother’s Day” which omitted a lesbian couple from the international version of their Mother’s day ad. The photo of two moms with their two children was replaced instead by only one of the women kissing her child.

The CEO of Apple Tim Cook, who came out openly as gay last year kept his words to keep the company’s support for diversity and said, I just thought—I’ve got to do something… I’ve got to show that it’s not a limiter. It’s okay to be gay. That it’s okay to be honest about it. I figured if I could help one person, it would be worth it.”  



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