Best Anal Sex Toys You Need to Try in 2021

Best Anal Sex Toys You Need to Try in 2021

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Ready to experiment and try something new? For beginners or experts, adult toys are a great way to add new fun to your sex life. Here are a list of the best anal sex toys of 2021 to help get you started.

What are anal sex toys?

Anal sex toys are designed specifically for backdoor play. They are designed to be extra smooth, and shaped for minimal friction and maximum stimulation. For women, they are typically curved to follow the contour of the anal wall. For men, these toys are shaped for maximum prostate stimulation to trigger more intense orgasms.

mr q recommends male best sex toys

What are the best anal sex toys?

The best anal sex toys for beginners are paired together nicely in the Intro to prostate Kit because. This comes with a variety of shapes and sizes to experiment, all at a beginner friendly size. (More advanced users can skip to the next part of our list.)

Intro To Prostate Play Kit

Intro to Prostate Kit

The prostate kit includes Anal beads, an anal plug, cock ring-prostate stimulator, and anal vibrator, all made from high quality silicone. For beginners looking to experiment, starting with an anal kit is your best bet!

Material: Medical Grade Silicone
4-Piece Prostate Kit
Prostate Vibrator Probe

Difficulty Level: Beginner-Intermediate

Best Butt Plugs Anal Toys

Butt Plugs

mr q male anal trainer sex toy

Butt plugs are a great tool to train your anal muscles and get used to backdoor play gradually. Butt plugs are designed to be used during sex, or can be left in for extended periods of time to stretch out. As a training tool, anal plugs are some of the best anal sex toys for those just getting started.

Colt Anal Plug Dilator Starter Kit

Colt Anal Trainer Kit

The Colt Anal Trainer kit is our top selling anal trainer set because of its graduation from a beginner friendly plug to larger sizes. They are extra flexable and comfortable to use.

Material: Phthalate-Free PVC
Diameter (Tapered): S: 1.25in. M: 1.5in. L: 2in.
Insertable-Length: S: 4in. M: 4.75in. L: 6in.
Features: Fully Waterproof and Water Submersible
Difficulty Level: First-Timers to Intermediate


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The Colt Anal Plug set also comes in a starter kit with an anal enema, Pjur Analyse Me anal lube, toy cleaner, and lube injectors to get started.

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glass anal training trio best butt plug

Glass Anal Training Trio

If you are in the market for an anal trainer kit, but with natural materials, Glass is one of you best options!

The Glass Anal training trio is made from super-strength glass which is smooth, and non-pourus. This makes glass the most hygienic choice when compared to plastics or silicone.

The stiff design also means less give and much greater stimulation. All together the glass training trio is one of our top picks for the best anal sex toys this year.

Tunnel Plug XL Clear

Tunnel Butt Plug

The Tunnel plug is one of the most unique, best anal sex toys on this list because of its hollow design. The center opening allows for free air-flow when inserted, and even allows you to insure a second toy (or dick) through the center.

Tunnel Butt Plug XL Example

It’s unique design allows for a level of variety and versatility, which when paired with other anal sex toys, gives almost limitless possibilities.

The tunnel plug comes in Medium, Large, and Extra Large for anyone who can handle extreme sizes.


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Performance Wearable Vibro Anal Plug

Performance Wearable Vibro Plug

The Vibro Anal Plug is a sleek and unique anal plug with a smooth texture with a little trick tucked away. Thanks to the internal vibe balls, the Plug vibrates with each movement of your body.

Total Length: 3.3 in. (8.4cm)
Insertable Length: 2.8 in. (7cm)
Width: 1.8 in. (4.5cm)
Body Safe Medical Grade Silicone


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best anal dildos and dongs

Anal Dildos

When choosing an anal dildo, girth, curve, and shape are the most important features to look for. The ideal anal dildo should be easy to insert, and be a manageable width, especially for fir-timers.

boy with balls best anal dildo men

Boy with Balls Anal Dildo

The Boy with Balls is the best anal dildo for most people because of its unique design specifically for anal play. The curved shaped contours to the anal cavity, and the rounded point is ideal for prostate stimulation.

Material: Medical Grade Ultra-flex PVC
Diameter: 1.5 in. (3.5cm)
Insertable-Length: 5.75 in. (14.5cm)
Features: Hands-Free Suction Cup
Difficulty Level: Beginners (Some Anal Experience)

Boy with Balls Anal Dildo Measurments

View Boy With Balls Anal Dildo on: MQ Store

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Glas Anal Dildo

The Glass Anal Dildo comes in 4 shapes and textured for different levels of anal play. The smooth temptered glass is firm and extra strong. The glass can also be heated or cooled for extra stimulation. For glass, it is one of the best anal sex toys of the year.

Material: Extra-Strength Glass
Diameter: 1.5in. (3.5cm)
Insertable-Length: 6in. (15cm)
Features: Chemical-Free, Extra Firm
Difficulty Level: Intermediate

glas anal Dildo variations

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Jellies starter Best anal Dildo

Jellies Anal Starter Dildo

The jellies anal dildo is the best anal sex toy for beginners. The narrow tip is easy to insert, and the soft jelly is bendable with plenty of give. The narrow 1in. diameter is not too big (but not too small either), making it ideal for first timers.

Material: Anti-Bacterial PVC Jelly
Diameter: 1 in. (2.5cm)
Insertable-Length: 5.7 in. (14cm)
Features: Hands-Free Suction Cup
Difficulty Level: First-Timers (No Anal Experience)

Jellies starter anal Dildo Clear

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best anal vibrators and probes

Anal Vibrators

The best anal vibrator should be smooth, balanced in size, and versatile with a variety of vibration modes. Anal vibrators should stimulation the anal wall or prostate and target your sensitive areas for extra stimulation.

Billy Deep Prostate Anal Vibrator

Billy Deep Prostate Massager Series 2

The Billy Deep is the best anal sex toy if you have some extra cash to spend. The high tech design comes with usb recharging, 4-hours of play, 10 vibration functions, and a perfectly sculpted shape for anal play.

Water Proof
USB Rechargeable
User play time: Up to 4 hours
8 Vibrations Settings
Diameter: 1.1 in. (2.8cm)
Insertable length 4 in. (10cm)
Difficulty Level: Beginners


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bFilled Delux Prostate Anal Vibrator

bFilled Delux Prostate Vibrator

The bFilled comes in a smaller size, a cheaper price, but while many of the same features and high quality of other premium anal vibrators. It has 6 vibration settings, and a rabbit design for extra stimulation.


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Cock Vibe Anal Vibrator

Cock Vibe

The Cock Vibe series is realistic, veiny, and sculpted. The material feels high quality and realistic and the vibration function is strong, but not over powering.

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best prostate massagers p spot stimulators

Prostate Stimulators

Prostate massagers are used to target the prostate, or what is sometimes referred to as “the male G-Spot”. These make prostate stimulators some of the best anal sex toys you can buy! Also known as the “P-Spot”, the prostate plays a key role in triggering male orgasms, and stimulating it directly can lead to some intense results!

Sonos Prostate Massager

Sonos Prostate Massager

The Sonos Prostate Massager is the best prostate stimulator, with sculpted bumps and grooves which work perfectly to trigger the prostate. Not to mention, its soft silicone feels high quality, and durable.

Material: Medical-Grade Silicone
Diameter: 2.3 cm.
Insertable-Length: 10 cm.
Features: Targeted Prostate Tip
Difficulty Level: Anal First-Timers

sonos best prostsate massager measurements

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Assgasm cock ring butt plug

AssGasm Cock Ring Butt Plug

The Assgasm is one of the more unique anal sex toys on our list. The connected cock ring works in tandem with the prostate plug for a push-pull experience. Not only does it offer great anal stimulation, but also adds an extra layer of tension making it one of the overall best anal sex toys we have tested.

Material: Medical-Grade Silicone
Diameter: 1.2 in.
Insertable-Length: 4 in.
Features: Cock Ring Anal Plug Combo
Difficulty Level: Anal First-Timers


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Anal Beads

Anal beads can give you more of a challenge, but an even higher level of stimulation! These are great for any user looking for a bit of extra stimulation, or a challenge.

Icicles Glass Anal Beads

Icicles No 2 Glass Anal Beads Clear

Icicles Anal Beads are firm, smooth and extra durable. Hand blown glass is the ideal hypoallergenic, body safe, material for anyone worried about plastics or additives. Better yet, the glass can be heated and cooled in water for even more stimulation.

High-Strength Tempered Glass
8.5 in. (21.6 cm)
Width 1.5 in. (3.8 cm)

ICICLES # 02 2

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Anal Fantasy Vibro Balls

Anal Fantasy Vibro Balls

The vibe balls come with a unique internal pulsar bearing that vibrates naturally with the movement of your body.

The balls are smooth and easy to insert with extra length between the beads. This starter kit also comes with lube and toy cleaner packets to boot.


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Booty Beads Best Anal Sex toys

Booty Beads

Booty Beads bend and change to your ideal shape. The end bullet is battery powered, and acts as a handle and a vibrator that pulses up the beads to the tip. The beads are polished three times over for extra smoothness, and slide in all the easier.

Water Proof Design
Multi-Speed Vibe
9.5 in (24cm)
Insertable Length: 6.5 in (16.5cm)
Circumference: 1.5 in (3.8cm)


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Satisfyer Best Anal Beads

Satisfyer Anal Beads

The Satisfyer anal beads comes in a set of 2 – round and diamond. The beads smart small and work up to larger sizes. They are a simple, yet classic design that should appeal to most first timers.

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Fantasy Deluxe Anal Sex Toy Kit

The Fantasy Deluxe Anal Sex Toy kit is the ultimate starter kit featuring some of the best anal sex toys of the year! This set includes anal beads, vibe balls, prostate stimulator, an anal probe and more. The starter kit also comes with gloves, lube, and toy cleaner packets to kick things off.

Six Unique Pieces
9 Function Prostate Vibe
Suction-cup Plug
Anal Beads


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mr q male anal enema

Anal Enemas

Hygiene is an essential step to anal play. Before using your anal sex toy, you may want to flush things out with an enema – also known as douching. This can be with room temperature water and a simple enema ball.

Best Anal Enema Pros Douche

Pros Anal Enema

For most users, the Pros Enema is the best option. It has a straight forward, easy to use design with a removable tip.

For most users, the Pros Enema is the best option. It has a straight forward, easy to use design with a removable tip.

The enema bulb is easily filled, and a simple squeeze shoots water inside.

best anal enema pros douche removable tip

Most importantly, the narrow tip is comfortable to use, and a bulb made of medical grade silicone.

The 4 different sizes range fro beginner to more heavy duty situations. For most people, the Medium size will do the job.

anal enemas pros douche sizes

View Pros Enema on: MQ Store

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Delux Shower Enema Kit

For the more advanced user, shower enemas can be much better at cleaning deep inside to flush everything out.

The enema hose attaches to most sink or bathtub faucets making shower enemas a great douching companion!


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Best Anal Lubes for Sex

Anal Lube

mr q male anal lube sex toy

If you are going to delve into anal play, then a quality anal lube is an absolute must! Remember, your body does not produce natural lubricant down there. That’s why a quality anal lube is essential for comfortable anal sex or play.

Pjur Analyse Me Silicone Anal Lube 100ml

Pjur Analyse Me! Anal Glide

Pjur Analyse Me comes with an anal relaxant mixed in! This makes anal sex more comfortable and pain-free, especially for people who have had problems with pain or discomfort in the past.  For most people, Analyse Me! is the best anal lube as it is well balanced, feels great, and is not over powering.

Relaxant Type: Natural
Active relaxing Ingredient: Jojoba Extract
Relaxing Strength: Mild
Lube Thickness Level: 4/5

pjur-analyse-me-best-anal-lube-silicone 250

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You can read our full Analyse Me review for a more in-depth look.

Best Anal Lubes Swiss Navy Water

Swiss Navy Water Based Lube

Swiss Navy is the best water based lube we have tested. The thick base is durable and long lasting. Not to mention it plays well with all of the best anal sex toys, regardless of material or type.

Check out our full Swiss Navy Water based lube review here.

Lube Thickness Level: 4/5
More Natural Feeling
Toy Friendly

swiss navy water anal lube sizes

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Toy Cleaner

male q sex toy cleaner

Toy cleaner is absolutely essential for the hygiene, safety, and longevity of your anal sex toy. A quality toy cleaner will eliminate germs and smells, and help to extend the life of your sex toy.

After washing your toy with soap and warm water, simply spray on your toy cleaner and wipe away with a cloth to disinfect and protect your self and your toy long-term.

View Cloud 9 Toy Cleaner on: MQ Store

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Anal Sex Starter Kit Delux

Best Anal Dildo Delux Starter Kit

For a pick of the best anal sex toys listed above, you can opt for the Anal Sex Starter kit. This includes 2 anal dildos, a 3-peice anal plug set, toy cleaner, anal lube, lube injectors, and 2 cock rings.

Anal Sex Stater Kit Delux

View on: MQ Store

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Top Selling Anal Sex Toys

View All Anal Sex Toys

For more help choosing the right male dildo be sure to check out our other buyer’s guides. We go in depth for each product category to help you select the best toys.

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These are our picks for the best anal sex toys of 2021. Do you have any favorites that we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments below!

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